At That Kata Kata I Was Playing Obat People

At That Manfaat I Was Playing Obat People – At that time I was playing cards with friends of my friends in the house was empty, but the empty house had long we live for get-togethers, fitting us again cool to play the card of a sudden we all heard a woman again laughing at the top of the tile empty house that we use for playing cards.

time was about 2 hours late lah, fitting we hear the voice directly to diem all nobody who spoke none, I initially thought that kata sedih it was just a hallucination I wrote, fitting her vote has been berenti about 10 menitan I nanya to my friends, eh turns out they hear all the voices of women laughing earlier.

His voice to make a really scary story creeps sorry if it’s not fun I just share the experience alone that day I was hanging kata romantis out with my extended family. On the day before the evening, suddenly came to my cousin.

with a friend who at the time was possessed by spirits. My cousin took him to our place due to chance my uncle who also assembled is a smart person.


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