Disekitar Kita Memiliki Puisi Masing Masing

Buah Disekitar Kita Memiliki Puisi Masing Masing – Fruit Around We Have Some Benefits Included – this incident skitar two years ago, when it was a holiday and I decided to vacation to grandma’s house kampong is quite far from the city we are living Arriving at the village turns out grandma was already waiting in this house lived alone.

briefly the story, it was a night wktu jumad where menjdi a boring night at home for me because it’s not there .Because I decided to go out for a while skalian buy some of my needs in a stall Outgoing near I Puisi Ibu want to briefly ya because you want to buy something at the nearby, not long really well and return want mkn night.

long because Okeh Ma Hey remember well jgn occasionally go to a house that is not org or elsewhere and (PM grandmother) Puisi Cinta also take a flashlight and go … On the way I saw there was an empty house was very dark and I thought the house was.

unoccupied … I was then stepped up but suddenly I heard strange sounds of other origin of the empty house … I also lngsung stopped me and decided to seek to know the origin of the strange sounds … the sound was coming from the house dlm ksong it and I also ventured to go home with a flashlight in my hand .


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