Penemuan Puisi Dari Tumbuhan dan Lainnya

Penemuan Manfaat Dari Tumbuhan dan Lainnya – Invention Of Plants and Other Benefits – I kok gini so goosebumps. “With fear I menepel on my mama. My sister, who initially sat quiet and indifferent-indifferent to the events that occurred while it was immediately embraced me and looked pale. Likewise each other brothers and sisters cry out of fear.

“To grandmother was nyamperin again and said, ‘Jang, barrels pedit atuh Enin Menta which costs naek public transportation’, because of fear, finally friend I was give the money to the grandmother and the grandmother puisi guru was thankful he says’ Nuhun which, ngke ku Enin dituturkeun kamana wae ge sonny. ‘I was at my friend was afraid of not playing, because it sounded like a greeting grandma would anceman nempelin us ”

After my cousin talked at length to his story until the day the grandmother was gone and they push his bike back to his home finally began Puisi sahabat kerasuka. As he was about to go back story, suddenly out of the sound coming from the kitchen which is exactly opposite to where we gather now.

“Sssstt ngaromongkeun urang tong”, the sound of an old woman with a slight tinge of anger. Deg. We who were there instantly froze can not digest what happened. Immediately we rushed out and screamed as it turns out, the old woman had put out from a friend of my cousin, and the cousin’s friend is possessed other spiritsHe said he’d been watching us who were talking about him, and he did not like to talk about. We finally silence outside the house, and hugged each other until my uncle managed to expel all the spirits who had been to be around us.


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